Welcome to The Humble Art Company

"Established over 30 years ago, The Humble Art Company has been painting murals, supplying Artworks and design detailing since the late 80's.

We have painted opulent gold leaf laden Baroque frescoes in bathrooms, enchanted forests & jungles in playrooms, Art-Deco spaceship interiors in nightclubs and Street style murals in themed restaurants,- along with hundreds of other privately commissioned projects-from swimming pools to Garden walls, throughout the U.K.

As Graphics and artwork have become more digitized, so have we, we now produce large scale graphic & digital compositions that combine our knowledge of traditional painting and restoration to make “tongue in cheek” digitally produced Artworks that appear as antique old masters. These have been used to great effect by clients and designers to detail and create talking points for their interior projects.

They make great housewarming/birthday/Christmas and anniversary gifts also, have a look at some of the recent personalised portraits we have produced in our “Tekyaredoff” section..who would you immortalise?"

Humble Art Interiors

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