Or any other noises your beloved makes (see the personalised portraits for the human version)

This is how to make your PET-HEAD portrait:

1/Browse our selection of  character portrait backgrounds below and choose the one that you feel best suits  your pet.

2/Take a photo of your pet and upload it.

3/Complete the order form and press go, you will receive confirmation of your order once it has been placed.

4/ Sit back,relax and wait for the post!

The artworks are hand finished to give an authentic, aged, brushed-oil painted appearance.

Please ensure that the photo you take will suit the background. For instance, make sure your pet is facing in the
right direction, the image is neither too dark/light or blurred.
We are good, but we can only work with what you
give us!

You can contact us to discuss this if you have any questions.

Personalised Pet Portraits

We create heavy colour laden expressionist portraits of your favourite fluffy, furry or silky smooth friends.

all are individual“one off” pieces of art created especially for you all come ready to hang in a Baroque style frame in Gold, Silver, Ebony or Ivory. We can also provide on canvas.

Larger sizes can also be commissioned upon request..