We have seen quite a few changes within the hostpitality sector in recent years. This project was a breath of freah air and a delight to be involved with.

GLORY HOLES/GORY HOLES -Adult Themed golf - drew on many disciplines honed over the years by us.

First we formulated the brand style and logo, created and supplied the Bar artwoks and Inscape- muralised many of the themed holes over several sites, using Utra-Violet paint (used in a double spectrum methord to allow for instagram usage*), paint effects,  Iconic references and large format print (onto metal sheets) composed "off-site" and installed by the fitting team "on-site."

This is only a fraction of what was produced for this project by The Humble Art Company, a lot of the detailing- as the name suggests is VERY NSFW, so you'll just have to check it out for yourself.  

Glory Holes Venues are based in Nottingham, Sheffield, Lincoln and Derby.

*Double spectrum is a technique of mixing U.V. active paint into a standard spectrum medium, giving the artworks greater visual depth. It also allows the artwork to be photographed in (almost) true colour.

Brand Concept, Logo and Graphic Design

Dusk til Dawn U.V.MURAL

Phone Zombie U.V. art

Ultra Violet Inscape Art

Columbian mountain mural

large format printed murals onto metal sheeting, helps when getting batterd by stray golf balls!

Original Golf Pop Art

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